‘The Cubans’ marks the debut of a playwright with a voice worth experiencing.

- Christine Dolen, The Miami Herald


About Me

Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to tell stories. My fondest memories as a child were performing magic shows in my living room or recruiting family members as actors in my latest home movie. Growing up in Miami and being of Cuban descent, I was always surrounded by natural-born storytellers. There was my grandfather, the Great Embellisher, who reveled in recreating his tall tales. Then there was my father, the Eternal Lecturer, who repeatedly recounted pivotal moments in his life to teach life lessons. I was a part of a tradition of keeping the past alive. It only seemed natural to go into a profession of storytelling. 


Crabs in a Barrel

It's a wrap!!! We just finished principal photography on my short film.  

Carla's Quince

This is a virtual immersive experience that is looking to mobilize the Latinx vote. 

The Cubans

Check out this great review of my play The Cubans from the Miami Herald.  

3 Percent films

I've officially started a production company focusing on telling Latinx stories. Our goal is to put Latinx characters at the forefront of every story. We are also committed to hiring a Latinx crew. 




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